Warm Sunshine

I enjoy all of the seasons, but when the weather does beautiful things like yesterday and today, I am one happy girl!  I am especially happy and thankful that my kids LOVE being outside.  So we took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather already today and got our hands dirty, doing a little project we shopped for on Monday.  I have always wanted to start my seeds for our garden on my own, but usually ended up letting it go to the way side, with planting time creeping on me way too quickly.  So with the first peeks of Spring and kids that could now learn from the process, I decided to jump on it this year.

I was inspired first by my empty egg cartons.


I had my cute helpers put soil in the cartons :)  They were actually surprisingly neat about it too!



We went over all of the seeds and decided which ones to plant in which part of the carton.  It always amazes me how TINY the seeds are and what they turn into!  God is so cool :)



Once we had everything planted, we went on a hunt for our watering can that we packed up in the Fall.  A cute watering can is a must for finishing off such a fun little project 😉


I am pretty excited to watch them spring to life and see their little green shoots come out of the soil!  I think I am even more excited to see how the kids react as the seeds they planted start to grow and eventually they will be able to eat.  Enjoy the SUNSHINE!

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