Take The Time

It’s been too long since I have taken the time to really write down what I am thankful for.  That could be why all this house hunting has gotten overwhelming instead of being grateful for the opportunity to be able to house hunt in the first place!  As of right now we have looked at and walked through over 25 houses (and I bet there has been hundreds we have looked at online!).  That’s a lot of houses!  We decided to take a break this past week and really intercede for what God has for us.  I am so thankful for those who have prayed on our behalf this week!!!  I truly feel like we are beginning to have a breakthrough and the JOY of this whole process is coming back :)  We are still in the waiting phase and ultimately the trusting phase, but I am holding fast to what I have heard recently, “problems are only opportunities for God to show up in a big way.”  May you be glorified in all of this Lord Jesus!!!


My brother in law recently wrote a post about the “rain and storms” in our life not necessarily being a bad thing, but an opportunity for growth.  It brought to mind an illustration the Lord made very clear to me as I was talking with Ryan while in London a couple weeks back.  He had gone out to take pictures in the morning around London.  He said this when I asked him how it was, “It was really nice, but there was nothing in the sky to make it interesting.”  WOW!  We want everything to be beautiful and perfect, but isn’t it in those moments where things get “interesting” that you have your real journey and God draws you nearer to Him?!  May we never cease to grow and be thankful for all God has brought us through to make us more like Him.



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