“Name Them One by One…”

“…Count your many blessings see what God has done.”

So many good things today :)  Sunshine, new ideas, church, “Voices of Lee”, home inspection and day spent at Grammy and Poppa’s.  A touch of Spring, inspiration for new material, worshiping with Believers, being in the presence of some AMAZING vocalists, one step closer to truly selling our house and being blessed with a place to go and call “home” when you can’t be at yours.  God is SO good to us!!!  A thankful heart seems like so little in comparison to all that He is and continues to do on our behalf.

I have always loved music and the power that it has to move people and to change lives.  Hearing “Voices of Lee” at church was an absolute treat today as I remember seeing them a couple years ago on “The Sing Off”.  What a privilege.  I was moved to tears in just about every song as their voices came together to create some of the most beautiful melodies and harmonies.  Half the time it was just the start of a song and no words were even being said!  Either I am just a complete sap since becoming a mom 😉 or the Spirit is given such freedom to move through song that it just rocks you.  I have sort of been enjoying more times of quiet as our days can get a little crazy and all I feel like I listen to in the car these days are sing along songs or some sort of book on tape.  After being so moved this morning, I feel challenged to wrap myself in that presence more often with music that I just can’t help but be in awe and worship God.

They sang this song a cappella-way cool!  Now Ryan wants to learn to beat box 😉  May we be alive and free through the power of music!

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