Psalm 90:14

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.”

Such a sweet confirmation after our morning :).  It is true that as a parent you want to satisfy the desires of your child’s heart.  While Autumn was reading one of her favorite Strawberry Shortcake books, she found a “makeup table” like Lemon Meringue that she wanted.  I told her that we should pray about it and be specific in our prayers.  So we prayed.  But can I tell you how she prayed and how it has convicted me in my prayers?  She started off with, “Thank you God for a makeup table…”  She wasn’t doubting the fact that she was going to get that table, but believed with an EXPECTANCY.  She prayed with faith filled, THANKFUL EXPECTANCY.  It really was beautiful!

So today was the first day in our search.  We went to one second hand store to see if they might have any.  We left empty handed and Autumn was definitely disappointed.  I told her she needed to keep praying (and told myself that I am really glad I am not God because I really wanted her to stop asking me about it! 😉 )  We ran a couple other errands and started on our way home.  As we were driving past a certain bike place in Harrison (for those of you who even drive down Harrison Avenue, you will know what I am talking about!) it had to have been the Lord directing me to look at the place.  In a split second I look and this bright pink, purple and yellow “table” catches my eye.  “No way!” I thought.  I did a little loopy loop back around and thought, “we have been praying and to not be expecting for something to pop out is to be doubting God in answering our prayers.”  I pull in the drive way and ask if it’s for sale.  We go back and forth a minute on price and drive home with a little girls vanity for Autumn to put on her jewelry and makeup :) .

We were totally satisfied this morning with God’s unfailing love and singing His praises all day!  He continues to be so good to us and teaches me endlessly through the faith of a child.  I am so thankful for my daughter’s heart for the Lord already and pray that she will continue to do bold and mighty things as she THANKFULLY EXPECTS Him to answer her prayers!

Here are few pics to show you our findings

This was the first night she got to play with her new vanity (what made it funny was that she kept calling it her “Dora Manatee”) 😉


Work that hair, girl!  Now maybe she will know what it can be like working with her hair…


The next day, I was thinking about the vanity she was praying for.  I looked at the picture in the book and was kind of taken aback by how similar they really are!  It is unique to Autumn, but the styling and set up is very similar to what she was asking for.  Take a look:



 What a challenge to be thankfully specific in my prayers!

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