Easter : A Perspective Through Parenting

To be totally honest, I just wasn’t feeling it last week. I wanted so badly to be on top of everything and to have all of my Easter activities all lined up and planned out, ready to make memories with the kids. And then it hit. The kids got colds, which isn’t usually a huge deal to me except I also got a cold too like I haven’t had in a long time.  I am thankful that I kind of forgot how yuck you feel :(  We got crappy news about an offer we put in on a house…I was not prepared for house hunting to be so emotional!  Also realizing that Zeke is really turning 2 next week, which is an awesome thing to celebrate, but really kind of makes me sad.  I really didn’t want another Easter to just pass me by again without truly realizing why we celebrate it.

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Parenting Through the Life of Moses : Complaining

I have a whole new appreciation for Moses now that I am a parent…especially after parenting for a week alone while Ryan was in London! We are studying the “Life of Moses” this year in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and having kids has certainly made this study much more applicable than ever before. The next few posts will be a little series of situations I have seen played out in my life as I relate them to what happened to Moses as a parent figure and leader of the Israelites.

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An Introduction

Welcome to Of the Mouth of Babes!  I am thrilled you have decided to stop by and share in how I feel God reveals His Father’s heart to me on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you, but since becoming a parent, convictions abound as my kids get older and I daily (try as humanly possible with the help of The Lord!) teach them the ways of The Lord and His True Word.  I often find myself hearing that still small voice (which can become rather resounding at times) speaking to me and turning the questions that I have asked my kids, into questioning me on how I am handling those situations in my own life.

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